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... to the ‘Lechtaler Kunstschmiede’

Metal forging has a very long tradition in craftwork which has always guaranteed the craftsman a prestigious position in society. Metals, and above all iron used to be formed for the most varied purposes; at the beginning of industrialization however the artistic forming of wrought iron disappeared for some time. But a tradition as strong as the one of wrought ironwork cannot be driven out of existence so easily.

Although new technologies have found their way into this profession, the element of craft - particularly for us artisan blacksmiths - has maintained its importance. Each of our pieces – even ornaments such as leaves and rosettes - are forged manually and individually, as there is no room for industrially prefabricated parts in our company. Our materials are steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium as well as numerous others. Our products are hot-dip galvanized and coated to make them corrosion-resistant and able to withstand any weather.

At the ‘Lechtaler Kunstschmiede’ we have been designing, planning and manufacturing for over 35 years in this field of artistic craftwork. Our customers include hotel owners and architects as well as private clients. Our product range, which is characterized by the high quality of our craftwork, includes gates, portals, window grilles, railings and also crosses to name a few of the numerous application areas.